Our Cloud, DevOps and Kubernetes solutions!

Optimize your infrastructures On-Premises or in the Cloud
Adopt Kubernetes and Cloud Native to operate your platforms
Modernize your Dev with DevOps and CI/CD tools
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Day 2 operations

We run your cloud native infrastructure and platforms.

A customized support

Our Cloud and DevOps experts, the Enix Monkeys, are there for you, from start to finish!
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Consulting, audit

Consulting on your infrastructure issues and Cloud strategy, or on your adoption of DevOps tools (containers, infra as code, CI/CD, etc.) and Cloud Native technologies (Kubernetes, Prometheus, etc.). Our common history often starts with an audit!

Your Enix has it: creativity, listening.

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Managed Services/Outsourcing

24/7 outsourcing of your infrastructure, data and applications whether they are on our Enix cloud, on-premises or on partner clouds. We are like one of your teams, outsourced and always accessible on your dedicated Slack channel.

Your Enix has it: trust, proximity.

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Design of your custom solution and integration into the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment of your choice. We deploy solutions with fixed and optimized costs, with a particular focus on availability, security and sovereignty.

Your Enix has it: polyvalence, adaptability.

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We love Open Source and Cloud Native.

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Discover our Cloud Native Managed Services !

We are your OPS team, specialized in 24/7 operations.

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