Proxmox Private Cloud

Our Proxmox Private Cloud solution leverages Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Service to meet your infrastructure needs while keeping costs under control with optimized, predictible spending.

Focus on your business while our team of senior experts takes care of Day-2 Operations. We manage your platform to ensure high availability and security, and we’re always at your side to help you scale to the next level.

Virtual Machines (Proxmox VE)
Encrypted Backup & Recovery (Proxmox Backup Server)
Managed HA, Load balancing
Bastion and Secure VPN Access
Dedicated Gateways with integrated firewall
Dedicated public IP block v4/v6
Monitoring and metrology by Enix
Persistent Storage ZFS, Ceph, NFS, iSCSI SAN... (optional)
DRP-BCP Plan (optional)
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Our Comprehensive Managed Private Cloud Solution

With our solution, you have your own dedicated cloud infrastructure sized and architected according to your needs.

Our solution includes all the essential services of a private cloud (virtual machines, internet connectivity, VPN access, firewalling, etc).

We can also add tailored infrastructure services to your platform (Storage, Databases, Containers and Kubernetes, Application Monitoring, etc.).

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Our Proxmox private cloud solution according to your needs and preferences

Your cloud based on Proxmox anywhere you need

We can deploy and manage your Proxmox Private Cloud on your own servers on-premises, on bare metal instances from providers like OVHcloud or Scaleway, or on Enix hardware spanning multiple French datacenters.

Business hours or 24/7 customer support

We offer two support and on-call options depending on the criticality of your services: business hours or 24/7. In both cases, you are directly connected with the senior engineers in charge of your platform, without having to go through an escalation matrix.

Customized performance and sizing

To ensure the availability and performance of your applications, we advise you on the characteristics of your Proxmox Private Cloud service: configuration and sizing of hypervisors and the type of storage suites to your needs.

Why adopt our Private Cloud based on Proxmox?

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Replace VMware with a cost-optimized managed private cloud.

VMware solutions have established a solid track record in the industry. We manage VMware-based platforms for numerous clients. However, they command a fairly high licencing cost, and they do not rely on open technologies.

We can fully handle the migration of your VMware-based platform to our Proxmox Private Cloud solution. You will benefit from the same private cloud features at a more competitive rate, and from our premium management service.

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The alternative to public cloud, to control your IT costs, in a dedicated environment

The elasticity of the public cloud often leads to additional costs and does not allow you to easily control your infrastructure expenses. With our Proxmox Private Cloud solution, you benefit from a powerful and secure cloud solution at optimized and fixed costs.

In your dedicated environment, we also provide you with expert and dedicated support. Our senior engineers are familiar with the specifics of your business, they advise you and ensure the complete management of your platform.

Why choose Enix?

Our experts have over 15 years of experience in the operational management of complex IT platforms.

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Proximity and Reactivity

At Enix, we are committed to providing you with a tailored and top-notch support. With our teams of experts accessible in real-time via your dedicated Slack channel and the accessibility of our managing directors, we promise you a trustworthy and close collaboration. Consider us as your outsourced OPS team with high cross-expertise in infrastructure, cloud, and DevOps.

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Cloud Expertise

We have a strong expertise recognized for years by the Frenchtech ecosystem, both in infrastructure (Storage, DB, Network, Monitoring, etc.) and in DevOps and Cloud Native technologies. With DevOps and GitOps approaches, we automate our processes and the management of your platform.

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Reasonable and Fixed Prices

Our solution is built on open-source technologies, eliminating licensing fees. This not only ensures reversibility but also allows us to provide a high-quality private cloud service at competitive prices. By collaboratively determining the design of your service and the extent of management services upfront, we guarantee fixed costs, avoiding the unexpected charges that can sometimes arise with public cloud solutions.

Our managed services included in our Private Cloud

Consulting and Migration

Advice on architecture and specifications of your Private Cloud service. Support for migrating your current physical servers or VMs without service interruption.

Installation and Configuration

Setting up Proxmox VE, Proxmox PBS, firewalling, network, remote access, your management interface to perform basic tasks on VMs, monitoring UI.

Maintenance and Security

Maintenance, updating, and securing components (virtual machines, network, etc.), capacity planning.


Monitoring for availability, load, and performance, including system and network monitoring (PING, HTTP, SSH, CPU load, RAM usage…).

Premium Support

Support on a dedicated messaging channel, on-call during business hours (9:30 am-6:30 pm) or 24/7. No escalation matrix, reach directly our senior experts in charge of your platform.

DRP-BCP (optional)

Multi-site redundancy, automatic replication, and backup of your virtual machines and data.

Our solution is there choice

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