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New opportunities thanks to DevOps

Deliver applications with velocity while guaranteeing their quality and the stability of services in production
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Accelerate your development cycle and your product time-to-market, while spending less energy.
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Integrate production issues right from the development stage, reduce the operational load and cut your costs.
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Automate, stabilize and allow your deployments to be easily replicated.
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DevSecOps: Facilitate the security of your applications.

The usual DevOps issues

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Automation at all levels.


As an alternative to a monolithic approach, microservices stacks allow you to accelerate development: by segmenting it between your teams, and by thinking in terms of functions and not of applications.

The implementation of a microservices architecture is often accompanied by the implementation of service meshes, with solutions like Istio or Linkerd.

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Containerizing your applications, for example with Docker, is an essential step in the operational implementation of your DevOps approach.

The use of containers offers developers more flexibility and velocity, allowing them to run their application components without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. To take advantage of this in production, it is usually necessary to use an orchestrator such as Kubernetes.

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Continuous integration and deployment

Continuous Integration (CI) allows you to manage changes and versions of the code on your repositoryand to automate the testing and qualification of your applications before going into production.

Continuous Deployment / Delivery (CD) consists in automating and securing the deployment of your applications on your various environments, from your test platforms to production.

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Observability and application monitoring

Coupled with application monitoring, the observability of applications guarantees their availability and contributes to their continuous improvement thanks to the information collected in production.

As soon as they are designed, applications must expose the right application metrics to the monitoring system. An advanced monitoring solution is based on reference technologies such as Prometheus or Grafana.

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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enables dynamic management of infrastructure resources through computer code: maintainability and backup, replication, dependency management, etc.

It benefits both developers and operational teams, and relies on technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, Netbox, Puppet, Vault

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These DevOps best practices are interdependent and require a global and methodical approach to be adopted serenely and efficiently.

We can support your teams in the adoption and effective implementation of DevOps technologies adapted to your organization and your needs: Docker, Containerd, Helm, Kubernetes, Istio, Linkerd, Jenkins, Gitlab, Flux, Argo, Tekton, Terraform, Ansible, Netbox, Puppet, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, etc.
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Our customized DevOps solutions

Outsourcing and operation

We deploy and manage your automation platforms in the environment of your choice: On-Premises, Enix private cloud or public cloud.

We ensure that they are maintained in operational conditions and frequently updated, adding functionality and correcting any security issues.

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Audit and consulting

We help you choose DevOps tools and implement automation solutions adapted to your business and your usecases.

We help you adopt modern development practices (Microservices, Containers, Observability, Security, etc.), design and implement your end-to-end integration and continuous deployment chain, and automate your infrastructure management.

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Our experts have already trained thousands of people worldwide on Docker and Kubernetes.

We offer mutualized or dedicated trainings, face-to-face or remotely, for all profiles (DEV, DEVOPS, OPS), with a customized program, the Enix High Five!

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