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Photo of Sébastien Wacquiez
Sébastien Wacquiez

Managing partner

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Romain Dégez

Managing partner

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Alexandre Buisine

Managing partner

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Jérôme Petazzoni

Extraordinary Thinkerer

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Laurent Corbes


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Aurélien Violet

Rock'n Roll Monkey

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Magalie Barbier

Numbers & letters Fairy

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Antoine Millet

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Benjamin Abadie

Internet Elf

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Julien Girardin

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Aurélien Dunand

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Paul Laffitte

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Kostas Konovodoff

Russian Monkey

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Yohan Boniface

Sustainable developer

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David Donchez

Scalable Monkey

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Nicolas Gouze

Success Monkey

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Pierre-Louis Gueugnon

Boxing Monkey

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Aïcha Saïdi

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Tifaine Coindre

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Thibault Vincent

Continuous Delivery Monkey

The genesis of Enix

There is always a little story behind a 15 year old company.

Enix takes its roots at the dawn of the 2000s in the LAN party scene, a nascent phenomenon that appeared in computer science schools and universities. As students, it was through the Cycom association that Sébastien, Romain, Alexandre, Jérôme and Laurent forged their first weapons as information systems specialists.

At a time when the Numeris line used to symbolize the ultimate Internet connectivity, and the implementation of Lotus Note represented a case of advanced use of network resources in a company, the future associates of Enix started to organize and administer gaming sessions lasting several days, bringing together in the same room hundreds of technophile students and their high-performance computers.

While the challenge of balancing a corporate budget, an ante-geek audience, and choosing between TCP/IP and IPX taught them to hone their organizational, architectural, and optimization skills, it also gave them a taste for expertise and management of complex situations.

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