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Thanks to its cross-functional expertise in IT infrastructure and on the Cloud, Enix has been able to design and operate custom IT platforms since 2005.

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Customized Cloud

Depending on your existing situation, your needs and your resources, Enix can help you with your Cloud and infrastructure issues in these different environments.

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Enix private cloud

We host and manage your dedicated and custom designed infrastructure.

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Third party public or private cloud

While a service provider supplies you with the shared or dedicated infrastructure, we deploy and manage your platform.

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You are the owner and remain your own provider: we help you modernize your platform and provide level 3 support.

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Hybrid Cloud

We can help you manage the technical complexity allowing you to benefit from the advantages of each of these environments.

Common Cloud Issues

You’re likely to face the following questions:

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Our Infrastructure expertise

Cross-functional expertise on different infrastructure appliances.


We display a sharp expertise in the implementation of virtualization solutions adapted to your needs, while controlling your costs.

We master inexpensive Open Source solutions such as Proxmox, or more complex on-premises cloud solutions such as Openstack. We also manage proprietary solutions like VMware. At a higher level of abstraction, we can support you on container-based solutions.

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We master the main storage solutions and technologies (hot, warm, cold), whether in file, block or object mode: SAN, NAS, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, ZFS, Ceph, S3,,, Swift, etc.

We design secure, high-availability solutions and can help you integrate them into your Cloud Native Platform, either on-premises, on our private cloud or a third-party cloud provider.

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Thanks to our expertise on different types of Database solutions (SQL, NoSQL, object, etc.), we can implement and operate the technologies adapted to your needs: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB, TiDB, Vitess, Cassandra, Hadoop, Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.

We can also help you modernize your architecture and log management, or integrate your Databases into your Cloud Native Platform.

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We design custom network solutions: connectivity (dark fiber, IP), Cloud interconnection, inter-site networks, VPN and MPLS solutions, routing (VRF, BGP), etc. We can provide and operate your network equipments and links, or optimize and modernize your existing ones.

We have our own AS48813 network in 3 datacenters and we are connected to the main IP transit providers. We rely on our partner Arista for the performance and stability of its equipment and the quality of its OS.

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High-Dispo / PRA-PCA

Our solutions are designed to ensure that your services remain in production: multi-site architectures, Layer3-7 server load-balancing, storage and database backup solutions, disaster recovery based on deployment automation.

We are also experts in Cloud Native architectures with high availability at the application level. Active-active architectures based on Kubernetes continuously test the resilience of the system, allowing the total loss of a server or a site with no impact on production.

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Based on our experience in production, we have a strong expertise in monitoring, telemetry and alerting systems for the different infrastructure components: network, server and VMs, infrastructure appliances (storage, databases, etc.), containerized applications.

We use on our private cloud and deploy for our customers: Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, Kibana, Datadog, Nagios, ObserviumNMS, Status-Cake, Alertmanager, etc. Our solutions are specifically designed for your platforms, with a focus on Cloud Native and custom dashboards.

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Taking into account your needs and your existing infrastructure, we support your teams in the selection, implementation and operation of network infrastructure components, servers, virtual machines, storage, databases and monitoring: Proxmox, OpenStack, OpenZFS, Ceph, HAProxy, Nginx, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.
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Why choose our Enix experts?

Your customized IT platform
Cost efficient: cloud strategy, architecture and technology choices, sizing
Cost control: fixed monthly budget
Sovereignty: data hosted in France
Security, high availability and resilient architectures
24/7 production experience on critical services
Proximity and responsiveness: your dedicated Slack channel
Enix, your one-stop shop for your IT infrastructure.

Our ambition is to become your preferred IT infrastructure provider, as you will always feel understood and well supported, whatever your needs and business specifics.

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Our Cloud and Infrastructure services


Hosting solutions (servers, OS, virtualization, containers, storage, DB, network...) on our sovereign Enix private cloud.

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Kubernetes everywhere

24/7 deployment and operation of your custom Kubernetes and Cloud Native platforms.

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Custom IT infrastructure

Modernization and deployment of infrastructure components adapted to your existing infrastructure, your business and your budget.

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Cloud Migration

Migration of all or part of your platform to our private cloud or to major public and private clouds.

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Cloud Consulting

According to your needs, an audit of your infrastructure can be performed in order to help you define your cloud and hosting strategy.

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Cloud outsourcing

24/7 operation of your platform wherever it is hosted, with our special local support.

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