Cloud Native operations

You will benefit from your outsourced team of experts in DevOps and Cloud Native technologies for the administration of your systems.
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Cloud Native Specialists

Our managed services for your Cloud Native infrastructure and your DevOps approach: Gitlab, Github, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Rancher, Konvoy, Prometheus, Traefik, HAProxy, Ceph, Kafka, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL…
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Managed Services Everywhere

The level of delegation you need, and your custom infrastructure appliances and architecture in the environment of your choice: on-premises, Enix private cloud or the main cloud of the market.
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Dedicated Slack channel

The team offload method: our experts are accessible in real-time on your dedicated Slack channel. We stand as your operational team, guaranteeing proximity and responsiveness.
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Control your infrastructure costs

With the hosting and the day-to-day management of your platform on our private cloud, we guarantee fixed and optimized monthly costs. No more nasty surprises on your cloud bill!
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Sovereignty, portability and reversibility

On our private cloud or that of our cloud partners such as OVHcloud: your applications and data will be secure and hosted in France and Europe, on open and portable solutions.
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High Availability

We are specialized in the operation of critical services on complex architectures. In our joint history, we for instance have operated a 24/7 European CDN network for the largest audiovisual media groups.
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"Enix, your all-risk infrastructure insurance"
Our managed services

We operate the following major types of infrastructures, with different levels of abstraction, allowing you to decide on the level of control you wish to delegate to us or to your teams.

Premium operations

So that you can be fully reassured when we operate your platforms!

Premium Support

We make proximity and customer service our priority. You can find us on your dedicated Slack channel whenever you need!

We offer two support packages for your managed services, on business hours or 24/7. We will also use a ticketing system to create and manage your specific intervention requests.

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Maintenance and Security

We do not compromise with the security of your platform: we will perform regular maintenance and security updates, our infrastructure being protected by advanced systems.

Whenever relevant, we will also suggest evolutions of your platform in terms of dimensioning or to adopt new technologies adapted to your needs, while seeking to optimize your costs.

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Premium Monitoring

Our modern real-time monitoring and alerting system will be in charge of monitoring the health of your platform components: Prometheus/Thanos, Grafana, Kibana, AlertManager, Nagios, Observium, Amixr…

We will create custom dashboards adapted to your platform. And for customers whose infrastructure is compatible, a Cloud Native monitoring chain at the application level.

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We run their platform in the cloud or on-premise

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