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When it comes to containers and microservice stacks, Enix is there for all your infrastructure: on-premises, on our cloud, or on a third-party cloud.

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New opportunities with Kubernetes

Switching to containers means benefiting from a maximum of improvements…
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Accelerate the release cycle of your applications
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Improve the availability of your platforms
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Go further than virtualization in terms of densification
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Deploy applications uniformly regardless of the underlying infrastructure
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Simplify the maintenance and scaling of your infrastructure
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Embed the application environment in isolated containers
Container orchestration with Kubernetes allows you to benefit from these evolutions, but it also brings its share of complexity that you must know how to handle…

The usual Kubernetes issues

You will probably face the following questions:

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Kubernetes in production

More than a Kubernetes solution, a complete Cloud Native platform.

Logos of rook, openebs, minio, longhorn


Persistent storage management with CSI plugins and integration with existing storage solutions (iSCSI, …).

Logos of kyverno, falco, aquasecurity, certmanager


Kubernetes cluster security, certificate and PKI management, user authentication management.

Logos of vitess, ceph, pgsql, mariadb


Integration of internal or external databases to the Kubernetes cluster.

Logos of kuberouter, calico, cilium, traefik


Interconnection of nodes via CNI and integration with an existing network (BGP, static routing…).

Logos of prometheus, thanos, jaeger, eck


Monitoring via metrology (Prometheus, Grafana), centralized logs (Graylog, ELK…) and tracking.

Logos of helm, harbor, operatorframework


Apps packaging and Repository. Cluster updates with version upgrade and management of K8s resources obsolescence.

Logos of kubernetes, containerd, crio


Container orchestration, cluster and cloud native components scaling.

Logos of envoy, coredns, istio, linkerd


High availability insurance, DNS infrastructure, service meshes implementation…

Logos of gitlab, flux, argo


System automation and reproducibility thanks to modern devops practices applied to the infrastructure.

Orchestrating containers with Kubernetes requires putting these different components to music. We talk about Cloud Native ecosystem, that’s why we are partnering with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

We can build and operate your custom Kubernetes solution, whether it is vanilla, based on Kubernetes distributions (Omni Talos, Red Hat Openshift, Suse Rancher, VMware Tanzu, etc.), or on Kubernetes managed services by cloud providers (Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, OVHcloud Managed K8s, Scaleway Kapsule, etc).

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Logo talos
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Logo vmware
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Logo ovhcloud
Logo amazon
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Outsourcing and operation

Outsourcing and operation

With our well recognized experience in 24/7 production, we can operate your Kubernetes cluster.

We can also operate your underlying infrastructure (Network, Hardware, VMs) and high availability services with a Cloud Native approach (Storage, Databases, …).

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Audit and consulting

Whether for a new architecture or the migration of an existing one, together we will determine and design your optimal Kubernetes and Cloud Native solution.

Once you have become autonomous, and whatever the problem, we accompany you in a flexible way, whatever the environment: on-premises, Enix cloud or third-party cloud provider.

Container orchestration also goes along with deep changes in Dev and DevOps methodologies that we can help you with.

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Our experts have already trained thousands of people worldwide on Docker and Kubernetes.

We offer mutualized or dedicated trainings, face-to-face or remotely, for all profiles (DEV, DEVOPS, OPS), with a customized program, the Enix High Five!

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