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Enix is a Société par Actions Simplifiée, a simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of €100,000, created on December 15, 2004.

Company registered number: RCS Paris 481 912 970.

Registered office: 275 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris.

Business address: 94 boulevard de Sébastopol, 75003 Paris.

Our core values

qui, nous l'espérons, vous ferons craquer pour nous


Our most innovative solutions are instilled by our customers.


We master both new and tried and tested technologies.


Focus on what you do best. We'll take care of the rest.

The genesis of Enix

there is always an interesting story behind a 15 year-old company

Enix was born in the early 2000s in LAN parties, a phenomenon that appeared and spread in major IT schools and universities. Students at the time, Sebastien, Romain, Alexandre, Jérôme and Laurent cut their teeth as specialists in information systems thanks to the Cycom association.

At a time when the Numeris line symbolized the ultimate in internet connectivity and the Lotus Notes implementation was a case of extensive use of business network resources, the future Enix partners organized and ran multi-day gaming sessions, bringing together hundreds of techie students and their fired-up CPUs in one room.

The challenge to reconcile associative budget, pre-geek public and choosing between TCP / IP or IPX taught them to sharpen their organizational, architectural and optimization skills. Above all, it gave them a taste for expertise and the management of complex situations.